In business to help your business succeed ONLINE!


We are aware that when you think of digital marketing you may feel overwhelmed. 

 You may fear it is time consuming, expensive, or too much of a learning curve.

 BECAUSE WE CARE, Dufferin Media will show you a different way of thinking. 


We prove our commitment to your business every day by offering

 GREAT VALUE, extremely FAST RESPONSE TIMES and by working together as your STRATEGIC PARTNER towards your success! 

Our Services can help your business grow and to achieve its goals! We set up, manage, and create content for your social media accounts. We work on all of the popular social media platforms. Located in Orangeville, Ontario but servicing businesses across North America.

Do you need a website? Do you already have a website but it requires a redesign? How about updating your website content? We have solutions for all of your website needs.  Our team is located in Orangeville, Ontario Canada – we proudly service business clients across North America!

Would you like your business to be found at the top of a Google Search Page? If yes, then Dufferin Media in Orangeville, Ontario can help you in a number of ways – including Search Engine Marketing PPC & SEO. We proudly service businesses across North America!

Webinar: Web Accessibility Foundations

Web Accessibility is More than Just Law.....It's the Right Thing To Do   15% of the World's Population experiences some form of disability.  That is why regardless of where you are and what legal...

Social Media Accessibility Checklist

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” - Tim Berners-Lee, Computer Scientist A Few Things to Consider to Ensure your Social...

Website Accessibility FREE Evaluation

Website Accessibility FREE Evaluation There are over 1.3 BILLION people Worldwide with disabilities. 71% of customers with accessibility needs will click away from a website they find difficult to...

Social Media Management Trial Promo $99/Month

Social Media Management Trial Promotion There are over 4.33 BILLION active internet users in the World! The latest figures show that 3.78 BILLION people are using social media in 2021 - a 5 percent...

Webinar: Everything You Have Been Taught About Marketing is Wrong!

Everything You Have Been Taught About Marketing is WRONG    We have a very special guest presenting at our webinar in April.  Jason Vilon, Business Development Expert,  will help us RELEARN...

In business to help your business succeed ONLINE!

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