Stay relevant! Keep your business visible during COVID19 with these TOP 3 TIPS!

It’s a concern for every business. How do I stay relevant and how do I keep visible during a global pandemic? Now is not the time to step away from the front lines and the front line is often a screen. Now, more than ever, self-isolation is encouraging (even forcing!) consumers to shop in new and different ways – mainly online. That means business needs to meet the consumer where they are now: whether that’s on their couch, in their home office or scrolling through their social media. Stay visible and top of mind by creating innovative and relevant content with these three tips.

Tip One: Get more “Social” on your Social Media! 

  • Optimize your social media by creating and sourcing great content. Pivot your messaging to content that is CoVid 19 related but stay positive. Post helpful content that offers your customer tips, tools and advice for staying safe, staying healthy and which link directly back to your business. Look for opportunities to share how your product or service is still available during these difficult times. You might also share good news stories, people helping people, inspirational stories or positive messaging around supporting our front line workers. You might even consider offering tips and tools for working from home or helping your kids with online schooling. The point is stay engaged with your audience! 

Tip Two: Email Marketing – it’s not SPAM it’s SMART!

  • You’ve worked hard to earn the trust of your customers and build an email list that allows you to communicate (with permission) to a broad cross-section of consumers. They may even be sharing your emails with friends. That’s good news so make sure you are actually sharing good news about your business! Engaging in email marketing campaigns during a pandemic isn’t about getting relegated to the SPAM file or, frankly, about selling your product or service. It’s about sharing updates on the status of your business, whether you’re open or closed, able to provide curbside pick up or delivery and whether you can help your customer online or virtually by meeting through platforms like Zoom. It’s about providing helpful information that keeps them educated and informed. Make sure you update regularly with information that comes from trusted sources such as your local officer of public health. Consider providing links to that information, making it easy for your customers to stay current on what is going on in their community. 

Tip Three: SEO – Updated Keywords are Key!

  • Fast, simple and necessary, this tip is all about updating and applying new keywords to your SEO strategy. You’ll want to include topics that are relevant now and for the foreseeable future. Words such as the list we’re providing below will be important for consumers looking for immediate help and for anyone researching the impact of this global pandemic long after it ends. Consider these SEO Keyword boosters:
  1. Pandemic
  2. CoVid19
  3. Global pandemic
  4. Front Line Workers
  5. Corona Virus
  6. Social Isolation
  7. Social Distancing
  8. Physical Distancing
  9. Masks
  10. Flattening the Curve
  11. Quarantine
  12. Essential Workers
  13. Community Spread
  14. Hand Hygiene
  15. PPE
  16. Virus

Meet your consumer where they are now and where they are is in front of a screen. That means, according to Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist and founder of Dufferin Media: “It’s crucial now, more than ever, for your business to stay visible.  During a crisis, one of the biggest mistakes I have seen business owners make is to allow their social media channels to go silent.  Instead, choose to pivot your messaging, stay relevant and stay visible and use your digital communication channels to share good news and to support the community. If your business is constantly top of mind, not only will you and your business survive this pandemic, you’ll THRIVE!”

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