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5 Elements of a Great Website

As of January 2020, there were over 1.74 billion websites on the Internet.

How can you ensure that your website – amongst all this competition – operates in a way that will achieve your goals, attract new clients and grow your business?

Here are five Elements of a GREAT website that will help you maximize the results of your online presence!

Is Your Website Responsive?

Mobile website traffic makes up an average of 50% of all website visitors.  Is your website mobile friendly?  

Having a Responsive Website means that it has been created in a platform that will automatically detect what device, browser or tablet a user is visiting from, and adjust the view of the website to properly fit that device.  

If your website is responsive and mobile-friendly, the user experience will be positive and so will your results and conversions.  Clients will easily find your contact information, fill out your inquiry forms, and even make a purchase.

In addition, SEO experts agree that having a responsive/mobile-friendly website is one of the factors that Google favours when indexing a website in its search results.

So if your website is NOT responsive you risk losing potential clients, as well as valuable Google search traffic.

Is Your Website Secure?

Do you have an SSL Certificate?  This is a quick and easy way to improve user confidence when they arrive on your website.  Having the proper SSL Certificate in place and registered to your domain will show that your website is secure.  Your landing page will then have an “https://” in front of it instead of just “http”. A website without an SSL certificate will show up “not secure” in some browsers.  Others will put up a scary warning page that may deter visitors from coming to your website at all. All websites with e-commerce must have an SSL certificate to give consumers confidence when making an online purchase.

In addition, if you do not have an SSL certificate, Google may penalize you in their search rankings, therefore, losing potential high-quality traffic. (aka paying customers!)

Is Your Website Easy To Navigate?

The user experience is a key factor in having a GREAT website.  You want to make sure that any visitor can find what they might be looking for quickly and easily within a few clicks of your home page.  

**fun fact!  Website visitors will view content from left to right, spending 69% of their time on the LEFT-hand side of a website** 

Is your menu organized and easy to navigate?  Is contact information front and center? Many visitors are going to be looking for your phone number, email or contact form, or directions to your business.  Having it in the header is a great trick to providing this for your visitor.

Another great navigation tip is to make sure there is a link back to the home button from any page on your website.

If your website provides an easy to navigate experience, and visitors can quickly find the information, they will spend more time on your site.  This increases the chance a visitor will return to your site again and ultimately become a customer.  

Is Your Website Visually Appealing?

This comes down to the aesthetics of your website.  Is the layout clean and attractive using a nice template with your brand colours and great images?

In today’s modern world, internet users are exposed to so much visually. If your website has been created using visually appealing components, it has a better chance of pleasing your visitors.  In addition, using emotions in your visuals can have an even larger impact. Don’t be afraid to show the human side of your brand, and to create even more impact – appeal to the human emotion in your visitor.  

Does Your Website Contain Good Content?

The average visitor spends approx 2 minutes and 17 seconds on a website.  Is the content you’re providing enticing enough to make your visitors stay?

Website content is made up of images, video and text.  Is the content on your website good quality? Easy to consume?  Easy to read? Does it add value to your website and has it been optimized for SEO?  All questions to ask as you either create a new website or work on improving your existing website.

Remember – quality is always better than quantity.

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