Dufferin Media has a new Tagline “We’re On It”

Dufferin Media We're On It

Branding: Name, Logo, Tagline

The process of branding a business is a form of storytelling.  A story about your company, about who you are as a team, as a company, what are your values, your goals, your image.  Your brand defines what other people think or feel about your company.

Working through a branding process a company of any size would be defining their business Name, Logo, Colour Scheme, Font Set, Mission Statement, Values, Goals, and TAGLINE.

Dufferin Media has had the same tagline since it’s creating in 2012.  “In business to help your business succeed…..online”. While that is one of the primary goals we have when working with any client – we genuinely want to help your business succeed, our internal vibe has been changing and growing as we add new clients, new services, learn, and evolve.

A Tagline to Better Reflect our Internal Culture

What we found in the latter half of 2019 is that we needed to change the way we were speaking to our clients, and to each other internally.  We found that we needed to focus more on solutions, team work, and taking ownership for tasks and just getting the job done. Our founder, Sarah Clarke, often used the saying “I’m on it” when responding to an email either for a client or with a fellow team member.  One client complimented Sarah on this saying that she really loved and appreciated that response, it seemed to instill a sense of trust and responsibility.

So Sarah asked the rest of the team to start trying to use it more.  It became overnight a new part of the company culture. And it improved communication and efficiencies across the board when working on any tasks for existing, new, or potential clients.  To be able to send a question or a task to someone and you get an immediate response of “I’m on it” – you can then let that go and know it’s going to be taken care of.  

So looking into 2020 it became a vision to implement this new company culture into the branding of Dufferin Media.

Our tagline is now:

“We’re On It”

This new branding will become part of our marketing strategy in 2020 online and offline.  We hope that using this tagline shows the world some of our story. That we believe in problem solving, and taking care of who matters most to us – our client.

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