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Dufferin Media Referral Program

  Dufferin Media Referral Program WE HAVE MONEY FOR YOU! Announcing our Friends & Family Referral Program.  We have money for you....and you will get this money from doing practically nothing!  Do you know a business or organization that could use our...

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Webinar: What Makes a Great Website

Your Website is the #1 Digital Asset of Your Business    Over 50% of consumers will not purchase from a business if it does not have a website.  Choosing not to have a website could be losing you opportunities and customers every day.  Having a website, and making...

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Social Media Management Winter Promo $99/Month

Social Media Management Trial Promotion There are over 4.33 BILLION active internet users in the World! The latest figures show that 3.78 BILLION people are using social media in 2021 - a 5 percent increase from a year ago. (source How effectively is your...

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Get More Customers

What is your number one goal for your business? 95% off all business owners that I speak to have the exact same #1 goal "Get More Customers"! This makes complete sense as more customers = more revenue = more profit = a more financially secure life for the business...

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Webinar: SEO Foundations

68% of Online Experiences Begin With a Search   How does your business appear in Google Searches?  Did you know that only 0.78% of all Google search users will click on results from the 2nd page?  It is therefore critical to your business to be found on page 1 of...

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Save $100 in January on Social Media Optimization

YOUR BUSINESS HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO HAVE A PRESENCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA IN ORDER TO BE RELEVANT & VISIBLE IN 2021 Did you know that 3.8 Billion people around the world use social media?  Of those billions of users - YOUR CUSTOMERS (and potential customer) are actively...

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Webinar: Social Media Foundations

4.57 BILLION PEOPLE around the world now use the Internet! Of those billions of users - YOUR CUSTOMER (and potential customer) is actively viewing and engaging with social media content on a daily basis!  So how active are you on social media?  How easy is it for your...

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