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Website Security

Website Security for Wordpress Sites Why is Website Updating So Important? We have been creating websites for our clients since 2012, almost exclusively using Wordpress.  Wordpress is a versatile, user friendly platform that allows us to create a professional...

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Fall Social Media Checkup

Fall Social Media Checkup Summer vacation is over, the kids are back at school, the air is getting cooler, and most business owners are realizing it is only a few short weeks until the very busy holiday season is upon them. Some are even planning ahead to 2020 and...

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How Does a Great Logo Benefit Your Business?

How Does a Good Logo Benefit Your Business? WHAT IS A LOGO? A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a...

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5 SEO Tips for your Local Business

Google Local Search Statistics 2019. 88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours. ( 46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information. 97% searched online to find a local business (Source:...

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Free Website Audit

Does your Website Contain Errors that are Preventing Good Search Results Google currently processes approx 63,000 searches per second. An incredible 75% of all website clicks will be from the first page search results. How is your business appearing on Google? Website...

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What is a vCard Website

Do you want to establish an online presence for your personal brand or small business?  You know you need to be online but don’t have the budget or amount of content needed to warrant a full website. A vCard is the perfect solution for you! What is a vCard...

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Social Media Package for Small Business

      SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS STARTING AT JUST $199/MO   Are you a small business owner, manager or entrepreneur? Chances are you are wearing many hats at your business! Is Social Media Management one of the tasks...

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