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Toronto, ON  February 28, 2019 – Neighbourhood Information Post, a not-for-profit organization, is requesting $70,000 for their Trusteeship Program, from the City of Toronto. This request is in service to the organization’s mandate to prevent homelessness. The Trusteeship Program significantly reduces the rate of eviction, and ultimately homelessness, within their catchment, in the eastern part of downtown Toronto. The $70,000 ask will enable the Trusteeship Program to hire an employee, and increase the number of clients served.

The Trusteeship Program aids vulnerable clients, who are in jeopardy of losing their residence as a result of money management issues.  These clients have mental health concerns and disabilities that hinder their capacity to independently manage personal finances. Capacity issues affecting money management often lead to rental arrears, and ultimately eviction. The Trusteeship Program, however, facilitates clients to voluntarily sign over their income to a Trustee.  The Trustee then ensures that rent, and other financial requirements, are met on time. It is a highly cost-effective way to keep vulnerable individuals in stable housing. It also helps at-risk individuals to access housing, by providing their landlords the assurance of timely rental payments. This program acts as a liaison between the client and the Landlord, and eliminates any financial risk for landlords who accept vulnerable individuals as tenants.

The Neighbourhood Information Post is facing extreme roadblocks in providing this invaluable service to those most in need. Currently, the Trusteeship Program is over-extended, with only five employees serving 240 clients. Referrals from the City of Toronto, and other community organizations, continue to pour in, demonstrating the value and effectiveness of the program. Trusteeship services are vital in keeping vulnerable individuals housed.  Often eviction, and homelessness, will be the end result for those who must be waitlisted.

It costs only $1,200, per year, on average, to keep an individual in the Trusteeship program, making it a highly cost-effective way to keep people in stable housing. The Neighbourhood Information Post is effectively delivering a proven service, with a demonstrated outcome in preventing homelessness.  It is imperative that we receive funding to expand our service capacity. A funding increase of $70,000 will enable the hiring of one additional full-time employee, and increase the organization’s service capacity by an additional 60 clients.

We are calling on the Mayor and City Councillors to take action, through the 2019 budget process, and demonstrate that investing in homelessness prevention is a priority for Toronto.


Neighbourhood Information Post is a not-for-profit organization that offers services such as the Toronto Rent Bank, Housing Trustee Program, Income Tax Clinics, Energy Assistance Programs, Chinese Senior Programs and other community support initiatives. All programs are geared towards assisting the community with housing and living expense issues. Founded in 1969, Neighbourhood Information Post is a pioneer in innovative homelessness prevention programs. They are a strong community partner in Toronto, especially for low-income individuals and families in the eastern part of Downtown Toronto.   

For media inquiries contact:

Christine Hann, Public Relations Manager

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