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4.57 BILLION PEOPLE around the world now use the Internet!

Of those billions of users – YOUR CUSTOMER (and potential customer) is actively viewing and engaging with social media content on a daily basis!  So how active are you on social media?  How easy is it for your customer to find and engage with your content?

 Let’s make sure YOU are using Social Media to it’s full Potential!

Are you ready to start the New Year off right?  So are we……with a brand new Webinar Series that will run the 1st Wednesday of each month!  Our first webinar will be hosted by our founder, Sarah Clarke.  The topic is “Social Media Foundations” for your business or nonprofit organization.  

We will do an overview of each social media platform, the benefits of each, and how to use social media to grow your audience, engagement, and community.  This is going to be an informal and interactive Webinar.  Please bring your questions!

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